Wendy’s Data Breach Draws More Action

Wendy’s Data Breach Draws More Action

A card issuer takes the breach of nationwide fast food retailer Wendy’s into its own hands. Southeastern Michigan credit union has banned all debit and credit transactions conducted at Wendy’s locations until further notice. This is the most aggressive stance we have seen to date regarding breaches and protection by a card issuer. Times are changing, so are attitudes towards credit and debit card breaches.    

American 1 Says Its Ban on Wendy’s Card Transactions Will Continue ‘Until Further Notice’

By John Stewart

Ripple effects from the Wendy’s Co. data breach continue to swirl around the Columbus, Ohio-based hamburger chain, some perhaps in unexpected ways.

A Michigan credit union that last week began declining credit and debit card transactions by its members at all Wendy’s locations refuses to say specifically when the ban will be lifted. For now, it is in effect “until further notice,” Marla Sanford, marketing director at American 1 Credit Union, tells Digital Transactions News. She refuses to comment beyond a notice posted on the credit union’s blog Oct. 6.

Jackson, Mich.-based American 1 took the measure to protect its cardholders and itself from the risk that card data could be compromised, the post says. “While Wendy’s has reported that the malware responsible for the cyber-attacks has been disabled at all franchise locations affected by the data breach, community members have still been reporting fraudulent activity on their accounts, even after reissuance of their debit or credit card,” the post says.


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