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eCommerce credit card processing gateways

Special Rates for Popular Gateways

Capital Bankcard has special rates for various eCommerce processing gateways. We provide popular gateways such as and others to service your gateway needs. We also have specialized gateways which include “multi merchant account” capabilities and “load balancing” for high volume eCommerce sites. Add to these already high powered selections, our B2B Payment Gateway with proprietary functionality, which helps reduce your B2B processing costs by as much as 39%. Merchants have a great winning combination of powerful options at your fingertips.

Have an Existing Shopping Cart?

Capital Bankcard operates on a network of several payment gateways that integrate into almost any of the popular web platforms and shopping carts on the market. If you have a website that uses a cart to sell products, services or digital goods, we can provide you with a top of the line gateway and processing solution to best fit your needs.


Need To Convert a Site To E-Commerce?

If you have already built a website, but find you need to start selling products through the site, we can help you add E-Commerce functionality to your existing site with very little changes to what you already have. All payments are handled through secured external payment gateways, so you don’t need to worry about what happens to your customers sensitive information.

Need a Whole Website?

From just a home page, to selling a single product, to a full retail store, we can provide professional service to get you up and running. Even if you are just getting started with a new business and only need a small site now, then add e-commerce later, we can set up a platform that will allow you to grow at your own speed. Contact us for a free quote or more information on building a site for you that would fit your needs and exceed your expectations.