B2B payment gateway software

Intelligent Software With Many Benefits

Process Any Payment Securely

Business, corporate & government credit cards, GSA Smartpay, P-cards (purchasing & procurement), e-check & ACH debit.

Minimize Your Liability

Protect your data using a PCI DSS certified platform. Your data is encrypted upon entry, allowing you to transmit & store sensitive data on the secured servers (not yours).

Auto-Input and Helpful Prompts

Always qualify for the lowest rate. The platform auto-prompts you when the transaction being entered requires level 3 data or auto-fills blank fields if possible.


What is level 2 & level 3 data?

Most people are familiar with having to input at least a minimal amount of data for a credit card transaction. Typical credit card data includes something like a credit card number, cardholder name and expiration date. But there is much more line item invoice data that can be used in a transaction beyond just the basics. This type of data is known as enhanced data. There are 3 levels of enhanced data:

Level 1: Minimal transaction info associated with transactions (typically B2C).

Level 2: Additional data regarding sales tax, unique customer codes, PO#s at the point of sale.

Level 3: Much more detailed info provided to optimize reporting for both the buyer & seller.

b2b payment gateway enhanced data chart