Article From Business People Magazine

Article From Business People Magazine

We were recently featured in an article from Business People Magazine:

A Plethora of Plastic

by Jennifer Blomquist

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Capital Bankcard in Fort Wayne offers a local presence with integrity to manage ever-changing credit card technology for merchants.

“Nobody carries cash anymore,” says Angie Straley, customer relationship manager for Capital Bankcard in Fort Wayne. “It’s a new world where most customers pay with plastic. Add the factor of today’s ‘I want it now’ mentality in our society and that can spell big challenges for merchants.”

Paying with plastic may appear seamless to the average consumer: simply swipe, sign and it’s off to make the next purchase. But Don Bregin, partner with Capital Bankcard, emphasizes credit card transactions are anything but seamless, especially for merchants.

“Our focus and whole reason for being is our commitment to our merchants,” says Bregin. “It’s no longer a business of just credit card processing. It’s now a business of technology coupled with processing. You have to help guide your merchants through endless mazes and educate them so they can better understand more effective ways to process, while also controlling costs.”

With 40+ combined years of business ownership, family members Brian and Tim Straley partnered with Bregin, who has 34+ years of business and credit card processing experience, to offer a no-gimmicks, fresh approach to merchants.

“As business owners, Tim and I got to the point where we simply said, ‘We’re tired of dealing with these credit card companies and not getting rates or service that we deserve’,” says Brian. “Trust is the biggest part of this business and being able to rely on customer service is huge.”

“One of the many advantages we offer merchants is relationships with our clients,” says Tim. “We never telemarket or cold call. Our success comes from word of mouth and our solid reputation in this market. Unfortunately, many credit card sales organizations practice what we call ‘burn and churn.’ A sales representative sets up your account, but then you never see that person again and can’t reach anyone for customer service.”

“With us, we guide our clients throughout the entire process, plus we’re right here in Fort Wayne. So, if they need something, they can just call us and we can meet in-person,” says Angie. “We keep our clients updated and educated. We make it a point to know their business.”

“We don’t charge cancellation, application or annual fees. With everything changing in credit card technology, you need to have someone beside you to guide you through constant changes or you’ll fall behind and pay excessive fees,” says Brian. “We make our merchants and the success of their businesses our No. 1 priority as is evident by 3Rivers Federal Credit Union choosing us to service its needs and its members’ needs. We are very proud of that.”

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