Introducing Appetize

Introducing Appetize

One of the hottest new POS technologies in the market place: Appetize

By Mark Lindsey
PR for Appetize

Appetize Technologies Adds Top Universities to Fast-Growing Roster of College Payment Platform Sites

Appetize, a leading cloud-based enterprise point of sale (POS) solution, has rolled out its innovative payment platform to over ten new campuses in 2017, including the University of Southern California, the University of North Carolina, and Ole Miss University. Now operating at dozens of colleges and universities across the country, Appetize’s kiosks, handheld ordering tablets, POS systems and other concessions technologies are the fastest-growing apps and devices of their kind.

Appetize represents two of the fastest growing subsets of technology: point of sale and mobile payments — a market projected to grow by 400% over the next four years. The Appetize platform differentiates by offering a faster, easier-to-use front-end, and a sophisticated back-end suite of reporting, inventory, and timekeeping tools — all while maintaining the highest level of payment security and encryption.

Designed with tech-savvy shoppers in mind, Appetize also works with on-campus currency, card, mobile and dining credit payment options. This provides students the ultimate ease in cashless payments for their everyday academic and on-campus dining purchases.

“Appetize is bringing a level of innovation to higher education that has never been seen before. Our technology is transforming how campuses cater to their students in a cashless world of tech-based payments,” said Max Roper, Chief Executive Officer at Appetize. “Appetize’s unique ordering systems like Kiosks and tablets make purchasing a more interactive experience for the student customer, and increases revenue for the campus-based businesses.”

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