TouchBistro Hardware Setup

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TouchBistro Hardware Setup
Mini Mac Server Apple Airport Extreme Thermal Printer Impact Kitchen Printer Cash Drawer Stationary iPad Stands Table or Counter iPad Stands iPad Terminals

Mini Mac Server

  • Acts as the "brain" of the system.
  • Stores all of the restaurant's TouchBistro data.
  • Syncs all iPads, so changes on one iPad are made to all others.
  • Will continue to work even if internet connection is lost.
  • Only required for multi-iPad setups.

Apple Airport Extreme

  • Apple router that provides a secure, local wi-fi network.
  • Lets the terminals (iPads) and printers communicate wirelessly.
  • Different wi-fi network than your internet (for staff use).
  • Will continue to work even if internet connection is lost.

Thermal Printer

  • Silent Ethernet printer for front of house.
  • Printes receipts or tickets directly from an iPad.
  • Requires no ink (uses thermal paper).

Impact Kitchen Printer

  • Ethernet printer for printing kitchen tickets.
  • Makes noise to alert kitchen staff of new ticket.
  • Prints a double copy receipt directly from an iPad.
  • Requires no ink (uses impact paper).

Cash Drawer

  • Traditional printer-driven cash drawer.
  • Opens at cash-out or on demand wirelessly from a terminal (iPad).
  • Connects to a printer via RJ12 cable.

Stationary iPad Stands

  • Cases or enclosures for iPads and iPad minis.
  • Additional protection from breakage, spillage, wear and tear.
  • Safely secures your terminals to a counter to prevent theft.

Table or Counter iPad Stands

  • Protect units from spillage, breakage or wear.
  • Place on tables for menu display and on-demand ordering.
  • Use as self-checkout kiosk for quick-service applications.

iPad Terminals

  • iPad terminals are the main interactive devices of the system.
  • All terminals are linked and synced together.
  • Changes made on one device instantly shows on all devices.
  • Seamlessly run the whole system from any device.