Success at 37th Annual Fort Wayne Greek Fest

Success at 37th Annual Fort Wayne Greek Fest

The 37th Annual Greek Fest was a great success!

Helping to improve and increase the success was addition of 5 Clover Mini stations.
clover mini
One station was donated by Capital Bankcard, along with our staff volunteering throughout the festival, as charitable gesture and giving back to our community. Every booth or checkout area taking payments now had a Clover Mini. This allowed for real time tracking of all purchases, sales levels, food production and consumption with reconciliation of inventory on hand versus inventory sold.

The manual backend processes typically performed for counting of cash and credit cards was less time consuming coupled with greater accuracy while being performed in much quicker time frames. Resulting in less labor hours required to perform accounting functions.

From the youngest to the oldest users, everyone loved the Clover Mini. They praised the systems for their ease of use and how easy to learn to use them.

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Angie Straley

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