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Ethics in the Credit Card Industry

Ethics in the Credit Card Industry

Our credit card processing industry has some great people, true highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Unfortunately there are also those that need to be weeded out as well.  We as professionals must be vigilant in always putting the customer first. At Capital Bankcard our customers are the reason we are in business. Full disclosure with no “smoke and mirrors” or “catch me if you can” mentality is the only acceptable business practice. We must consistently conduct business at the highest ethical standards at all times under all marketing conditions regardless of unscrupulous practices of competitors.

We must also be just as vigilant in cleaning up and maintaining our industries’ image. It all starts within ourselves. Give yourself the mirror test daily. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “am I conducting business at the highest ethical standards with my customers best interests first and foremost or am I just trying to line my own pockets at everyone else’s expense? Am I improving our industry image or am I part of the problem? We all know where we stand when staring at ourselves in that mirror.

To the true ethical professionals, I am honored to be your peer! To those who don’t fall in this category, find a new industry  before our industry finds you! It’s time for all industry professionals to help clean up our industry starting with ourselves.

This article below is an example of those who should have found a new industry:

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